Surgical Products (WATO™EX-30 )


Full Configuration

Besides the stable performance ventilator, the tri-flow sensor design significantly improves the accuracy of tidal volume measurement.

The full configuration features includes:

  • Automatically fresh gas compensation
  • Electronic PEEP adjustment
  • Patient type with recommended setting
  • ACGO outlet for non-rebreathing circuit
  • Auxiliary O2 outlet for local and regional anesthesia
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Integrated heating system
  • Maximum 4 yokes for back-up cylinder
  • Suction unit
  • C3 Air compressor

Versatile Monitor Solution

You can chose any of Mindray’s patient monitors to combine with


Innovative Design

The compact breathing circuit is suitable for low flow anesthesia. Low circuit volume improves the gas exchange efficiency and is also suitable for pediatric ventilation. The stand-alone breathing circuit can be disassembled and assembled by one key only, which cuts the maintenance time and reduces the workload.